Title: Physical modeling of grinding forces in combination with cooling lubricants


Name:  Felix Kästner


Phone:  +49 631 – 205 - 5108


Project description:


Starting situation

The grinding process as a procedure of material abrasion is indispensable for the fine processing and finishing of components. It is essential for everything from surface treatment to tool manufacturing. However, the grinding process is difficult to characterize with respect to undefined cutting-edge geometries and various complex interactions between grinding disc and workpiece.

Furthermore, current knowledge about grinding is almost exclusively based on empirical data. Current research is concerned with force transmission of individual abrasive grits on different materials in order to develop a physical model of the entire grinding process. Such a model is expected to allow for more efficient process planning and render real grinding experiments obsolete.



In the development of FEM-based physical force models the focus has been exclusively on grinding processes without cooling lubricants. However, since the use of coolant is usually essential for industrial grinding processes, the physical force model needs to be enhanced by incorporating the cooling lubricant component with a focus on commonplace liquids without any additives.


Expected Results

The enhanced physical force model is planned to be validated by grinding experiments. In order to do this, grinding experiments using one or more grits with different properties and on different materials will be carried out. Ultimately, the model is expected to predict grinding forces for any material pairing.