Title: STAR: A Simulation Tool for Automation and Robotics


Name:  Kristopher Wehage, PhD

(former student)


Project description:

Kristopher's research focus is on the development of numerical algorithms and simulation tools for efficient path planning and motion analysis for applications in robotics and factory automation.  As part of his research, Kristopher is developing a free, open-source simulation software called “STAR: A Simulation Tool for Automation and Robotics” that automatically processes the topology of complex multibody systems and sets up and solves the  equations of motion using graph theoretic methods. The software utilizes Generalized Coordinate Partioning (GCP) to automatically select the optimal coordinates to describe a system's configuration, a custom sparse, vectorized kinematics library, and a graph partitioning algorithm called “Kinematic Substructuring” to achieve a high level of robustness and numerical efficiency.



The core solver and application programming interface (API) are programmed in the C programming language. A graphical user interface, written in C++, using OpenGL and the Qt windowing framework, is also in development.


Expected Results

Kristopher expects to provide a simulation tool as part of his research. Additionally, Kristopher is investigating various Run-Time Optimization (RTO) and motion planning strategies.