Title: Human Aspects of XR Applications


Name:  Pavel Weber


Phone:  +49 631 – 205 - 2276


Project description:


Starting situation

The umbrella term XR refers to Cross Reality or Extended Reality and combines the core features of – and everything between – Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality. It incorporates real and virtual environments and concerns technologically powered interactions between humans and machines. Even if they are still in their infancy, XR applications are already widely used today. The application areas range from video games to healthcare and engineering, from live events and video entertainment to the real estate and military sectors.

However, important human aspects such as usability and intuitiveness are often still neglected in these kinds of applications. In this project it is to be investigated how to integrate the aforementioned aspects better into XR applications and how they possibly will affect qualities such as task performance, security, or even the well-being of the user. Application scenarios are manyfold – it is planned to apply the developed techniques in the domains of manufacturing and medicine (computer-assisted clinical and surgical environments).





Expected Results


 I am still in the orientation phase of my doctorate, so the Approach and Results sections cannot be fleshed out reasonably at this point in time. Furthermore, the work has to be discussed with the co-advisor (who has yet to be determined). In any case, the description will be updated once the project gains momentum.