Actual Projects


  • Modeling and simulation of thermophysical properties of fluids at extreme conditions based on molecular thermodynamics
    Jens Staubach

  • Hierarchical Simulation of Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) on Part Scale
  • Uncertainty-Aware Visual Analytic Applications: From theory to usage
  • Visual Analytics in Process Engineering
    Jan-Tobias Sohns

  • Development of a 5G-capable Digital Twin of a Machine Tool
    Jan-Philipp Mertes

  • Machine Learning for Visualization of Scientific Data and Simulations
  • Applying Human-Centered Design to Complex Extended Reality Environments
    M.Sc. Vera Marie Memmesheimer

  • Kinematic simulation of micro grinding processes
    Nicolas Altherr

  • Global Effects of Interactions Between Instances in N-Body-Simulations
    Felix Claus

  • Material Property Prediction with Neural Network
    Kim Donghoon

  • Physical Modeling of Material Flows in Cyber-Physical Production Systems
    Moritz Friedrich Glatt

  • Ultrasonic air bearing spindle for micro cutting
    Sebastian Greco

  • Application of Efficient Discrete Particle Methods in Modeling Metal Binder Jet Sintering
    Roger Isied

  • Development of a coupled simulation model to solve the equations of motion of an air bearing spindle’s rotor
    Andreas Lange

  • Physical attributes in material flow modeling
    Anna-Pia Lohfink

  • Optimization of the cooling channel outlet conditions of internally cooled drills
    Daniel Müller

  • Characterizing Flow Fields at the Drill Bit Tip to Enhance Heat Transfer
    Jason Parker

  • Phase field simulations for fatigue failure prediction in processing
    Dr. Christoph Schreiber

  • Developing a Digital Twin of the Selective Laser Sintering Process
    Raeita Mehraban Teymouri

  • NSF/DFG Collaboration to Understand the Prime Factors Driving Distortion in Milled Aluminum Workpieces
    Daniel Weber

  • A particle finite element method for cutting of solids
    Xialong Ye

  • Simulation of Energy Demand of Additive Manufacturing
    Dr.-Ing. Li Yi

  • Molecular Simulation of Lubricated Contact Processes
    Sebastian Schmitt

  • Thermal field variations due to perturbations of laser power input in an SLS process
    Nicolas Castrillon

  • Human Aspects of XR Applications
    Pavel Weber

  • Evaluating the Cumulative Energy Demand of Additive Manufacturing using Direct Energy Deposition
    M. Sc. Svenja Ehmsen

  • Physical modeling of grinding forces in combination with cooling lubricants
    Felix Kästner

  • Robert Meyer

  • Numerical Simulation of the Additive Manufacturing Processes
    Daobo Zhang

  • Phase Field Simulations for Fatigue Failure Prediction in Processing
    Sikang Yan 

  • Machine Learning Based Factory Concept Layout Planning
    Matthias Klar  



Former Projects


  • Analysis and Visualization Flow Networks Using a Flow Topology  Graph
    Garrett Aldrich

  • Physical Modeling of grinding forces
    Praveen Sridhar

  • Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Machining Processes of Coposite Materials
    Vardanyan Vardan

  • Applying Human Centered Design to Complex Augmented Reality Environments
    Carol Ximena Naranjo Valero

  • Similarity in Visualization und Visual Analytics
    Patrick Rüdiger-Flore p

  • Sustainable Grinding Machine Tool Design
    Ian Garretson

  • Adaptive Surface Reconstruction for 3D CT-Data based on Geometric Modelling
    Dennis Mosbach

  • Extension of a white light interferometer by an optical coherence interferometer and applications for layer thickness determination and porous structure measurement
    Andrej Keksel

  • Physical Modeling and Design of a Robotic End-Effector for Impact Cutting
    Thomas Kuo

  • Data-driven model for energy prediction in precision manufacturing
    Raunak Bhinge, PhD

  • Moment Invariants in Flow Visualization
    Dr. Roxana Bujack

  • Planning and controlling of multiple, parallel engineering changes in manufacturing systems
    Dr. Daniel Cichos

  • Surface Integrity & Process Optimization during Finishing Operations
    Jayanti Das, PhD

  • Interactive Specification and Visualization of Features to Support Factory Planning
    Dr. Diana Fernandez-Prieto

  • Interactive Realistic Rendering on Massively Parallel Computer Systems
    Valentin Fuetterling

  • Machining Distortion due to Residual Stresses in Quenched Aluminum
    Destiny R. Garcia

  • User-centered Approaches for Featur Extraction in CT Scanned Data
    Dr. Christina Gillmann

  • Visualization and Analytics for Supercomputing Performance Data
    Alfredo Giménez, PhD

  • Ensemble Visualization and Analysis of Machine Tools
    Mathias Hummel

  • Virtual test field for sustainability assessment of cybertronic production systems
    Dr. Rebecca Ilsen

  • Physical attributes in material flow modeling
    Dr. Georg Kasakow

  • Algorithmic Curvature Theories in Image Processing
    Markus Kronenberger

  • Simulation of machining with cutting liquids based on atomistic force fields
    Martin Lautenschläger

  • Feature Detection and Tracking: A Topological Visual Analytics Approach
    Jonas Lukasczyk

  • Influence of life cycle oriented services on the energy efficiency of machine tools
    Dr. Gülsüm Mert

  • A Data-Driven Approach to Analyzing Machining Energies of Various Materials
    Maxwell Micali, PhD

  • Computational Steering Technologies based on Parameter Space Exploration
    Dr. Tobias Post

  • Visualization and interaction techniques scaling on process and environment level
    Dr. Franca Alexandra Rupprecht

  • Numerical Modeling of Laser Additive Manufacturing Processes
    Marc Russell

  • A particle finite element method for cutting of solids
    Dr. Matthias Sabel

  • Dynamic phase field simulations for failure prediction in processing
    Dr. Alexander Schlüter

  • Experimental investigations and simulation of micro grinding process
    Prof. Dr. Dinesh Setti

  • Molecular Simulation of Nanoscopic Contact Processes
    Jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Simon Stephan

  • Virtual measuring instruments
    Dr. François Torner

  • Physical Modeling of Time and Motion Estimation in Manual Assembly
    Chao Wang, PhD

  • STAR: A Simulation Tool for Automation and Robotics
    Kristopher Wehage, PhD

  • Turning of Al-MMCs – 3D FE Simulation
    José Leonardo York Duran

  • On the Design of Particle Functionalized Fluids
    Zeyad Zaky, PhD

  • Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Machining Processes of Composite Materials
    Dr. Zhibo Zhang