Title: Developing a Digital Twin of the Selective Laser Sintering Process


Name: Raeita Mehraban Teymouri


Phone: +1-907-280-7767



Project description:


Starting Situation

Development of digital twins for Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes has gained increasing attention in the recent years. This is due to the fact that digital twins enable continuous monitoring and quality control as well as predictive maintenance. My research mainly focuses on developing and building a digital twin of the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process which is an AM process that involves sintering of powder material, by a laser, to create solid cross sections.



The first step in approaching this problem is studying and understanding the bulding blocks of a digital twin for the SLS process. The three-dimensional model should at least be able to calculate temperature and velocity fields, solidifaction parameters, and the deposit geometry. The next step in the development process is utilizing the appropriate physics engine to be employed in modelling the SLS process.


Expected Results

The expected outcome of my research is a virtual twin of the SLS process that closely represents and fully simulates relevant behavior of the physical AM process. The virtual twin is modeled through a physics engine and needs to be validated with experimental data to ensure robustness and maturity.