1st Conference Speyer 2017

Speakers at the 1st Conference on Physical Modeling for Virtual Manufacturing Systems and Processes in Speyer, Germany

(June 8-9, 2017)




Prof. Dr. rer. nat Karsten Albe, TU Darmstadt

From atoms to insights:

Revealing deformation mechanisms on the nanoscale by advanced analysis methods


Dr. Anthony Beaucamp, Kyoto University, Japan

 Process mechanisms in super-fine finishing


Dr. Paul Harris, Queen's University Belfast,

UK Pneumatic System Energy Efficiency: Opportunities and Challenges


Prof. Ingrid Hotz, Linköping University, Schweden

Visualization for Data-driven sciences


Ass. Prof. Simo Mäkiharju, UC Berkeley, CA.

Concepts for Integration of Non-Destructive Testing to Additive Manufacturing Processes for Real-Time Process Control and Part Inspection


Dr.-Ing. Julia Mergheim, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Modelling and Simulation of Selective Beam Melting Processes


Dr. Carlos Nieto-Draghi, IFP Energies nouvelles, France

Molecular simulation techniques applied to the reduction of CO2 emissions



Ass. Prof. Grace O’Connell, UC Berkeley, CA

Hyperelastic fiber-reinforced materials of the body: Design criteria for biomedical devices



Jun. Prof. Kristin de Payrebrune, TU Kaiserslautern

Influences of the Grinding Wheel Topography on the Dynamics in Tool Grinding



Dr. Julien Tierny, Universités Sorbonne, France

 Topological Data Analysis for Scientific Visualization: Where we stand and where to go




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