Title: Physical Modeling and Design of a Robotic End-Effector for Impact Cutting


Name: PhD student Thomas Kuo


Phone: 1-408-355-8728



Project description:


Starting situation

The Goal of my research is to focus on analyzing, experimenting and developing design parameter of a robotic end-effector which can be used for routing cracks between concrete and asphalt concrete. The end-effector consist of six freely rotated gear-like cutter on circumference of a flywheel, then the flywheel is driven by a hydraulic motor.



The mechanism of this machine is studied in order to design and improve the robotic end-effector. In this research, our approach is by first developing numerical model and analysis of the end-effector. A test device will be built based on the preliminary understanding of the system from the analysis. Then we can further improve the numerical model with experiment data.


Expected Results

We will acquire data from various sensors on the test device and analyze afterward to compare and improve our numerical model. Parameters relationships such as flywheel radius, flywheel speed, feed rate, number of cutters, and cutter shaft clearances will be formulated based on the model and experiment. The parameters can be used for designing a higher speed routing end effector.